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she wears short shorts, i wear a prison uniform


She’s cheer captain and 


Black Bean Hummus


you’ve become a part of me and i can’t forget you


Les Beehive – Sade homage by David Gubert for Marie Claire Australia



Kat Dennings’ curves appreciation post

in which we are all Tom

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If you have someone who understands you, who is patient with you, who loves you genuinely, who cares about you, who respects you, who is proud of you, who doesn’t take a day without calling or texting you, who never fails to fix time for you, who fears to lose you. Please love that person. Don’t take his or her care & love for granted because such people are very rare to find these days. Don’t let such a person slip out of your hands over minor disagreements. If you are the one in wrong admit and ask for forgiveness. Handle that person with delicacy. Be there for him or her. Do whatever it takes for both of you to last forever. Be open to that person. Don’t be so nagging to such a person. Be trustworthy, faithful and appreciative.


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Janet Mock and Laverne Cox celebrating Laverne’s TIME cover. They are so gorgeous and flawless. Thank you Arika for bringing the image to my attention!

Update: Read Janet Mock’s open letter to Jane Doe, “the 16-year-old Girl Who Smiles & Dreams From Behind Bars” and read “Why We Must Not Forget Jane Doe’s Humanity.


Alice Kelson by Peter Coulson

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